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  • Single Poles Power Rails System with Accessories
Single Poles Power Rails System with Accessories

Single Poles Power Rails System with Accessories

Description of goods:

They are 3, 4, 5 conductor configurations, with aluminum joint from 250A to 1250 A. Compact arrangement, corrosion resistance and simple assembly are its essential features. The conductor systems are suitable for overhead and elongated tracks for cranes, monorails, electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems, as well as many other applications for supplying power to moving power loads.

Design Features

  1. Little installation space required
  2. Available with different rail materials, suitable for most industrial environments
  3. High safety level due to integrated finger-safe design, protection against direct contact
  4. Easy and exact mountig with multiple hanger clamps for 3, 4 and 5 poles
  5. Unlimited number of poles, designed for complex systems
  6. Vertical and horizontal installation options

Standard application data

  1. Nominal Current (at 100% duty cycle) [A]: 250 | 320 | 500 | 630 | 800 | 1000| 1250
  2. Voltage Grade [V]: 690
  3. Rail Length [mm]: 4000
  4. External Dimensions [mm]: 32 x 42
  5. Operating Conditions: for indoor and outdoor applications
  6. Track Configuration: straight tracks / curved segments on request

Main Applications

  1. EOT Crane systems,
  2. Gantry Crane
  3. Transfer carriages,
  4. Theater applications and a variety of other mobile consumers for indoor and outdoor use, ideally suited for straight tracks.
—————Components Description————–

Conductor Rails:
Stable basic body of conductive material with contact-safe insulated profile. Standard profile lengths of 4000 mm, Custom length sections are available. The ground conductor is identified by a green/yellow stripe.
Hanger Clamp:

  1. Freely rotating and thus self-aligning clip-on holder for quick, safe assembly. Mounting height adjustable.
  2. Allows the rail to slide during thermal expansion.
  3. Sliding hanger and Anchor hanger is available.
  4. Material: Nylon with bolts and nuts
  5. Support Distance: 1200mm/interval.


  1. Clamping connectors with insulated cap.
  2. Material: aluminum, bolts, nuts.

Collector trolley

  1. The roller-guide collector trolleys are available as 4, 5 and 7 pole types.
  2. Copper graphite carbon shoes are used for energy and control voltages.
  3. Double collectors are used to improve the quality of the contact and for transfers
End Cap
Rail terminator as protection against accidental contact.
Expansion Joint
Changing temperature causes the conductor rail system to expand. To compensate for the expansion in systems over 200 m or systems with multiple fixed points or curves, expansion joints are used.


Product Parameters

Technical Data of NSP-H32 Single Pole Aluminium Conductor Raill
Type Conductor Rail Cross section(mm2) Nominal current(A) Leakage-distance(mm) Resistance(Q/km) Weight(kg)
JDC-H-230/320 Aluminium 230 320 80 0.153 0.96
JDC-H-285/500 Aluminium 285 500 80 0.116 1.13
JDC-H-360/630 Aluminium 360 630 80 0.087 1.38
JDC-H-420/800 Aluminium 450 800 80 0.067 1.5
JDC-H-550/1000 Aluminium 550 1000 80 0.058 1.83
JDC-H-600/1250 Aluminium 600 1250 80 0.046 2.01