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  • Pendant Control For Crane
  • Pendant Control For Crane
  • Pendant Control For Crane
Pendant Control For Crane Pendant Control For Crane Pendant Control For Crane

Pendant Control For Crane


Product Description


1. AC400V/DC230V IP65 Push Button Crane Pendent Controls
2. Single/double speed available

IP65 Push Button Crane Pendent Controls
Remote control, hoist switch, crane switch, crane push button, hoist station, pendant control station, push button for hoist and crane, push button switch for hoist and crane. Pendant crane control station switch


A combination of the domestic appliances industry technology and foreign industrial crane control. It is featured by absorption components, super quality material, focus on the rationalization of mechanical design, reasonable structure, advanced technical performance; the product keep path with market demand for the development of multi-button combinations of control, more fully functional, and electrical control circuit allow any button to choose a different combination of features, so that easier to control the equipment.
Switch adopts high-quality engineering plastics, shell material is enhanced for anti-collision, and with lightweight; electrical contact is copper-based conductive, contact surface is silver-nickel alloy material, enhancing the contact capacity and control system stability in week power control system. Waterproof seals and silica gel cable sheath in inside for a better dustproof and waterproof function, to achieve IP65 protection class.


This product is applicable to dusty, outdoor, rainy and snowy operating environment, supporting the use of electric hoists, cranes, outdoor conveyer system, construction machinery, which needs wired electrical remote control system.

Type Buttons L*B*H
MAC-03 3 310*78*85
MAC-05 5 370*78*85
MAC-07 7 430*78*85
MAC-09 9 490*78*85
MAC-11 11 550*78*85