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  • Cross limit switch
Cross limit switch

Cross limit switch

Product Discription
Cross limit switch is a rotary control switch which has a 300 mm push rods with 3 to 5 valves. Also it has a rotation speed of 12 to 200 rpm/minute and it is with 4 or 6 micro switches.
It has two kind, one is 90 degrees rotation at positive and negative direction, one is 180 degrees rotation positive and negative direction.
The electric shock of this switch is made with AgC do material, which has large contact capacity and long service life.
The structural parts are made with PA 66 engineering plastic which is flame retardant.
It is suitable for various cranes, mine machines and other fields.
Product Display
Actuator Type
Crossed Rods Lever
type of operator
Stainless steel
type of approach
Lateral approach 2 directions
Conformity to Standards
EN 60947-5-1
Rated insulation voltage
500 Vac
Utilisation category
AC 15
Rated operational voltage
250 Vac
rated impulse withstand voltage
6 kV

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